Hidden Siracusa

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Every Sicilian town has secrets hidden from view that, once discovered are breathtaking. Do not miss the opportunity to discover the hidden face of Siracusa.

Catacombs, old air-raid shelters and spiritual baths: the underground tunnel network in Siracusa is second only to that in Rome.

On the mainland you will find catacombs, tombs and the oldest latomia in Siracusa which will enchant you with its rocks and gardens.

After visiting Ortigia, you should take the Siracusa shuttle service (“Siracusa d’amare”). The closest stop is Belvedere S. Giacomo. The service is free for those under 13 and over 65.

Entrance of the Hypogeal Path

Hypogeal Path of Piazza Duomo

Culture, Monuments, Museum and historical sites

The Hypogeum of Piazza Duomo is an underground path which is accessed by a small opening located along the wall of the garden of the Archbishop's Palace. The path was rediscovered in 1869 during the works that have affected the area of the square between the ...

The facade of the church

Church of St. Filippo the Apostle

Churches, Culture

The beautiful Church of St. Filippo the Apostle is the most important in the Giudecca district. Built in site where once stood the fifteenth-century Synagogue of Siracusa in 1742, after a long restoration, it was reopened in March 2010. The church was built in site where once stood the fifteenth-century Jewish synagogue of Siracusa in 1742.

The miqweh

Bagno Ebraico (Jewish Bath)

Culture, Monuments

The Jewish bath, the center of Jewish spiritual life, testifies to the existence of a Jewish community of Syracuse among the oldest in the Mediterranean. The miqweh, located 18 meters below street level, in the basement of a patrician building that now houses a hotel, and ...

The Catacombs of Saint Lucia

Catacombs of St. Lucia al Sepolcro

Culture, Monuments

The third century  A D. catacomb consists of burial sites, then transformed into areas of worship; in recent times the catacomb was used as a bomb shelter. Over the centuries the creation of the basilica and of the church of the tomb of St. Lucia, as ...

View of the Catacombs of St John

Catacombs of St. John

Culture, Monuments

The Catacombs of St. John were built in the fourth century, following the route of a former Greek aqueduct (with its tanks), and enlarged until the fifth century. The structure consists of a central gallery from which branch out ten secondary ones, leading to four "round" ...

Entrance to the catacomb

Catacomb of Vigna Cassia

Culture, Monuments

The Catacombs of Vigna Cassia, now closed to the public, are the largest of the whole Sicily and are located in an old cemetery area near the Church of St. Mary of Jesus. The name comes from the owner of the above vineyard at the ...


Latomia of the Capuchins

Culture, Monuments

The one of Capuchins is certainly the oldest and most beautiful Latomia of Syracuse. The link with the Minor Friars of St. Francis dates back to 1582, when the University of Syracuse donated it to the monks in order to build there their fortified monastery, in ...