What to see to Taormina? You will certainly get lost in the historical beautiful city, looking for the testimonies of the passage of the Greeks and the Romans.

Their influences already mix in the Greek Theater. The structure was conceived during Greek age (the scene is built as the Greeks were used to) and then widened during Roman one (they employed about ten years to reconstruct it).

In Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, near the Odeon, there is Palazzo Corvaja which shows numerous architectural styles (Arab, Norman and Gothic) testifying the different transformations that the building, built on the rests of a Roman building, has suffered. Not so far away from it, you should visit the church of St. Caterina. In the church, built near to the Odeon and to the Odeon, the numerous restaurations have brought to light some ruins of Roman age.

Getting lost among the wonderful Greek-Romans monuments of Taormina, means to discover beautiful places. Keep on walking and visit the church of St. Pancrazio, bishop and patron Saint of Taormina. It rises on the ruins of a Greek temple devoted to Jupiter Serapide.

A few steps from the theater, there is the great wall of the so-called Naumachia, second prestigious leftover of Roman architecture after the theater of Taormina. Finally, the Church of the St. Pietro and Paolo rises along via Pirandello. It seems to be the most ancient Christian church of Taormina, presumably built on an ancient Greek temple.