Happy Birthday CityMap Sicilia!


1, 10, 100: CityMap Sicilia celebrates ten years, makeover and party together one hundred "ambassadors"!

2006 | 2016
Ten years are an important milestone. During these years we were able to collect wonderful experiences, and amusing anecdotes but also we fall in love with the magnetic beauty of this Sicily, which attracts thousands of tourists from around the world and remains in the hearts of those who was born and live here.

To celebrate ten years of Citymap Sicilia, we chose to launch our new web portal.
Simple to navigate, full of thematic guides, with many geolocated routes, special themes and an updated magazine. To celebrate this goal, we have recruited 100 ambassadors of Sicily, who over the years have supported us and collaborated with our project with the aim of making it better.

All guests have been photographed, interviewed and filmed by the photographer Giuseppe Casaburi and together we lived three memorable days!

Coffee, music, food, lots of laughter: who founded a new political party, who has given us peppers instead of flowers, who was so amused that he wanted to return the following day, who danced in a makeshift dancefloor, and all gave a very personal and precious advice “made by locals” for those who want to discover our wonderful Island.

Discover their stories: we reveal the special interview at a time in the year!