Piazza Duomo


It's the main square in Catania; via Etnea, Via Vittorio Emanuele and Via Garibaldi, the three main roads of the old town, cross in this place. It is surrounded by many monuments and in its centre is placed the famous “Elephant’s fontain”, built by Gianbattista Vaccarini.

To admire the square and its monuments, sit at one of the historic bar where you can taste the local cuisine.

Piazza Duomo
95100 - Catania (CT)

    Benedictine Monastery

    Monuments, Museum and historical sites

    It's a "jewel" of the late Sicilian Baroque architecture and an example of integration among different periods, it is shown in UNESCO's World Heritage Site. From 1977, the plezus monastic houses the Humanities faculty.

    Piazza Dante Alighieri, 32
    95124 - Catania (CT)
    095 7102767 / 334 9242464

    Palazzo di Sangiuliano


    Palazzo di Sangiuliano is one of the nobilty palaces of the city. It was built, using various colored marbles between 1738 and 1745 at the request of Paternò Castello’s family, and designed by the architect Vaccarini. Currently the rooms are occupied by different commercial activities.

    Via Roccaforte
    95124 - Catania (CT)

      Diocesan Museum

      Museum and historical sites

      The Diocesan Museum is located in the east ala of the Clerics’ seminary next to the Cathedral, preserves Diocese of Catania’s collection of liturgical furnishings. By type, furniture and objects are stored inside dating from several historical periods ranging from 1300 onwards.

      Worth a visit the panoramic balcony.

      Via Etnea, 8
      95121 - Catania (CT)
      095 281635

        City Library Ursino Recupero


        The Public Library Ursino Recupero is in the ancient Benedectine library and was established in 1931 following the acquisition of the collection of books of Antonio Ursino Recupero. It keeps more than 270,000 volumes.

        Via Biblioteca, 13
        95124 - Catania (CT)
        095 316883

        Port of Catania

        Tipical places

        Located in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, the Port of Catania was first built in 1438. Repeatedly rebuilt over the centuries, today it is one of the most important ports in Sicily. With a total surface area of 615,000 m2, the Port is home to a variety of different activities

        Via Cardinale Dusmet
        95100 - Catania (CT)
        095 535888 - Fax 095 7463594

          Pozzo di Gammazita


          A few steps away from Ursino Castle, going via S. Calogero, you will come across the ancient pit that is entirely covered with lava stone of the 1669 eruption. A legendary place where water flowed. And under the water they were visible some red stains.

          Put on sportswear.

          Via San Calogero
          95121 - Catania (CT)


          Tipical places

          The city of Calatabiano is bordered to the north by the River Alcantara Park and to the south by the River Fiumefreddo Reserve and has ancient origins. The castle, its most symbolic monument, and the beach of St. Marco are just some of its beautiful attractions.

          Spend a relaxing day in the beautiful beach of St. Marco: sea at Etna feet.

          95011 - Calatabiano (CT)
          095 7771011

            Home museum Mendola

            Museum and historical sites

            From 1963 to 1976, when the sculptor Carmelo Mendola died, the museum was his house and his art studio. From 1981 to 1991 it was the seat of the cultural meetings of CIAC – Centro Informazione Arte Contemporanea. Only after that it becomes the exhibition place ...

            Via Bronte, 38
            95125 - Catania (CT)
            +39 334 1332138

              Ursino Castle

              Monuments, Museum and historical sites

              Between 1239 and 1250, Frederick II ordered to build the Ursino Castle for defensive purpose of the East coast of Sicily and it was on a promontory surrounded by sea. In 1669, the eruption gets the Castle away from the sea.

              The museum often houses temporary exhibitions and events that melt with the permanent one. To be visited.

              Piazza Federico di Svevia
              95121 - Catania (CT)
              095 345830
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