Sicilian street art is everywhere in Catania: artists of national and international fame populate the walls, doors, windows of our city. The artistic ferment is visible, tangible, attracts the curiosity of a growing number of tourists and citizens.

Events and city journeys are born. Like the one between the asphalt and the sea we created to start discovering this phenomenon. Which, to date, in Sicily and in Catania is cross and delight. There is a lot to do, but something moves, especially in terms of urban regeneration.

And something is built, especially in terms of artistic-cultural itineraries and the growing interest in these art paths and towards the collectives that stimulate them daily, animate them, make them live. As Mauro Filippi told us, talking about two wonderful projects of street art and regeneration to visit absolutely.

The protagonists of street art in Sicily

Mp1 - Giardini Naxos, Emergency Festival


Architect and designer, photographer and lover of urban art. Mauro Filippi is among the founders of PUSH and among the authors of “Street Art in Sicily”, a complete and engaging guide to Sicilian street art.

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Street art a Favara


Turn the sounds of places into colors. Street artist listed and appreciated, loves Catania and Sicily. And although there is a lot to do, he knows that magic can give an artist and where a tourist can find it.

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Opera "senza filtro"


Represents his imagination through collages, increasingly appreciated in the street world. He told us about inspirations, favorite artists. And he showed us a way to Catania which he is particularly attached to.

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Where to find street art in Catania?

To discover the street art in Catania, the best thing to do would be to get lost in long walks and take eyes wide open and a smartphone to capture the beauty that many artists have wanted to leave as a tribute to our city. We have identified some of them, in a path full of memories, redevelopment and, of course, art and colors: from San Berillo, passing through squares of the historic center to the Silos of the port of Catania. Street art is everywhere. Just sharpen the view and start exploring.

Discover the stops

And after having walked through Catania far and wide in search of the most memorable “pieces” of street art, space to relax in the historic center. There is nothing better than a lunch break, aperitif or dinner.


A gourmet-hamburgheria grill house, where you can taste excellent 100% Italian meat. Read more

MC Turiddu

Restaurant with Catania, Scicli and Messina recipes, but with a part of America. Read more


A pleasant place where to stop for lunch and dinner, or just to drink a good glass of wine. Read more

Art explodes in Catania and surroundings

Street art, impressionists and the dreamlike and surreal places of Salvador Dali do not miss all the art events in Catania. And travel around the city with our map, download it here right away and set off to discover Catania.


Museo Diocesano in Caltagirone


Palazzo della Cultura


Museo Civico Castello Ursino