Since remote times the wealth of volcanic soil has enabled people to live Etnean agriculture and husbandry, building an human environment harmoniously inserted in the wild. Surprising agricultural landscapes and manifold are set among woods and lava flows formed a mosaic of environmental rare beauty.

The millennial presence of the volcano has played a profound role: monumental works of terracing warehouses, millstones, wineries dot the slopes of the Mountain. Therefore the maintenance and recovery of place in harmony with the needs of environmental protection become effective instrument for the maintenance of an important part of the Etnean landscape. In this context, the park looks with particular attention to organic farming, a method capable of offering healthy products in the respect of environment and health of farmers.

Vineyards, olive groves, pistacchieti, hazel groves and orchards surrounding the volcano witnessing an agricultural vocation land and widespread characterized by the presence of interesting local varieties. Think about the apples “Cola”, “Gelato” and “Cola-Gelato” small, yellow and fragrant pears or autumn as the “Ucciardona” or “Spinella” used in traditional cooking. The rich variety of species grown on Etna is a wealth of biodiversity, to be protected and disseminated so to maintain a heritage that can become the distinctive note of the park.