Special Aperitif in Catania


Aperitif in Catania? The top 5 by CityMap Sicilia will make you discover the best places in the city.

Whether you fancy a drink made with sushi or you’re more conservative, we have the right restaurant for you: from Vintage Bistrot to Blanca Bar, from Oxidiana to Pasticceria Mantegna and Cortile Capuana, here’s what you will find in these selected places. Bring your friends and the desire to drink a good glass of wine or a spritz!


For those who “only drink for real sushi lovers!”

Drink, even at the bar, accompanied by tasty sushi. At Oxidiana you can enjoy a special aperitivo made with excellent Mediterranean cuisine. A Japanese restaurant with all the trimmings: well-finished design, select environment, refined dishes, wide variety of choice.

How much: starting from 6,50 €.

Best cocktails & snacks: internationals cocktails and 20 different mojito, that you can march with sushi, tempura, salads and much more.

When: from Sunday to Thursday, 8-11.30 pm, Friday and Saturday 08.30 pm – 00:00.

Top days: every day.


For those who “drink with style”

In the enchanting setting of Aci Castello square, on the left of the Norman castle, Blanca Bar is the ideal place for a refined aperitif.

How much: from 5 euros

Best cocktails & snacks: aperitif according your choice and appetizers, fried fish, mozzarella in a carriage and savory stuffed croissants on request.

When: from 11 to 13 and from 18 to 21.

Top days: everyday.


For those who “drinks, but following the traditions”.

In the center or on a terrace overlooking the sea. In the pasticceria Mantegna, you will have the opportunity to choose two special location for a rich aperitif to enjoy with friends or with your loved one.

How much: 5 € for the non-alcoholic. From 7 € up for alcohol and preparations.

Cocktails and appetizers tip: Rich cold cuts and cheeses, mozzarella in a carriage, delicious sandwiches, chips and much more. Among the cocktails: spritz Mandarin, but also Hugo prepared with sambuca flowers, sparkling wine, soda and mint.

Top hours and days: every day (except Monday).


For those who “drink in an oasis of relaxation”.

In the center of Catania, a short walk from Via Umberto, it is the Cortile Capuana, a green, a open-air courtyard that includes a restaurant and two shops. And where you can enjoy a refined aperitif.

How much: between 8 and 12 euro.

Best Cocktails and appetizers: champagne and oysters, Lambrusco with salami and fried dumplings, Marsala and crostini with gorgonzola cheese and tuna roe.

Aperitif hours: daily from 18.30 to 21 from Tuesday to Sunday.

Top days for the appetizer: Thursday, drink and music.


For those who “drink, but with a retro style.”

A glimpse of Europe in the center, Vintage Bistrot is a local reminiscent of Parisian bistros in 20s style. Excellent products, even slow food, for a journey of discovery of taste and good drink… even happy hour!

How much: from 4 euro.

Best cocktails and appetizers: the Vintage Bistrot barman will offer special cocktails: from Basil Smash to Cetriolito. Served with delicious appetizers, you can choose from the menu: platters of cheese, cold meats and delicious pies and quiches.

Aperitif hours: from 18 to 21.

Top days for the appetizer: daily.