Grand Hotel Baia Verde

Perched on the lava rocks of waterfront of Acicastello, it has a beautiful private bay, a large sun deck for sunbathing, an outdoor pool and also a diving school.

Via Angelo Musco, 8
95021 - Aci Castello (CT)
095 491522

Info point Sicily Excursions

Ready to discover the first point of itinerant tourist information in Catania? Here you can find, tourism services of certified quality. The goal, of course, is to enhance the area …

Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 39
95121 - Catania (CT)
095 7237554

Sunflow asd Yoga

Imagine that there is a place, a few steps from the city centre and from the beautiful seaside of Catania, where you can relax. It is no more just imagination. …

Via Antonio Santangelo Fulci, 31/d
95127 - Catania (CT)
335 6576112

In un angolo di mondo

In Capomulini, seafaring village of Acireale, there is a biological pescetarian pizzeria born out of a big desider: to feed in a natural way by eating only biological and seasonal food. …

Via Nazionale per Catania, 180
95024 - Acireale (CT)
095 877724 / 349 7872370

Alcantara escursioni

It doesn’t matter if you’re a tourist or a “locals”, in Sicily there are some beautiful landscapes you should see once in a life. In the Alcantara Valley there is …

98034 - Francavilla di Sicilia (ME)
393 4745053

Libò Libreria Dei Ragazzi E Degli Errori

A delightful library for children and teenagers. Here reading and discovering is a real pleasure, it is useful and fun. Thanks to the idea and the tenacity of the two …

Via Matteo Renato Imbriani, 183
Catania (CT)
095 228 9249