Moving in Catania: all the tips!

You have many opportunities to move to Catania and reach all areas of interest: here is your guide to move around the city, thanks to the advice of 


Move on the subway

Trains depart every weekday from the Nesima and Stesicoro line. The first races are, from Monday to Saturday, at 6:40 am from Nesima and at 7:00 am from Stesicoro; the last ones, from Monday to Friday, at 20:45 from Nesima and at 21:10 from Stesicoro (respectively at 00:00 and at 00:30 on Saturday night). The frequency is one run every 10 minutes until 3:10 pm and, therefore, one run every 15 minutes until the end of the exercise. The cost of a single ticket is 1 euro and is valid for 90 minutes. You can also opt for the integrated ticket AMT + subway, valid for 120 minutes and the cost of 1.20 euros. The daily metro ticket costs 2 euros.

The current path is so articulated, starting from the north-west: Nesima, San Nullo, Cibali, Milo, Borgo, Giuffrida, Italia, Galatea, Giovanni XXIII, Stesicoro.

Single ticket: € 1,00 valid for 90 minutes
Subway/AMT integrated ticket: € 1,20 valid for 120 minutes


  • h 06.40 (from Stazione CT Nesima)
  • h 07.00 (from Stazione CT Stesicoro)


  • h 20.45 (from Stazione CT Nesima)
  • h 21.10 (from Stazione CT Stesicoro) (h. 0:30 on Saturday night)


Call the telephone number +39 095 541250 or visit the website


Move with Alibus

Useful if you come from the airport and you have to go downtown. It has a frequency of 25 minutes, the ticket costs 4 euros and you can buy it safely in the car. The ecological natural gas bus with free wi-fi is the ideal mean of transport.
During working days and public holidays, the bus stops near the main interchange bus stations every 25 minutes.


Archi, Stazione Est, Libertà, Italia, Verga, Trento, Viale, Bellini Ovest, Stesicoro, Sicilia, Repubblica Sud, Stazione Ovest, Cutelli, Civita, Dusmet, Aeroporto.


  • At the airport
  • On the bus (in contanti o con pos)
  • Online with UP MOBILE
  • Authorised retailers
  • Authorised hotels

Single ticket: € 4,00

The ticket is valid for 90 minutes also on the urban lines.

Call 800 018696 / +39 095 7519111 or visit


Use the 504 M shuttle

It leaves every ten minutes from the R1 car park located in via Plebiscito. It serves the entire historic center and exchanges with the subway at the Stesicoro station. With this shuttle you can reach the Monastero dei Benedettini in Piazza Dante, the Roman theater and the Odeon in Via Vittorio Emanuele, the Castello Ursino and Piazza Duomo. If you use the metro and the shuttle we recommend the integrated ticket (AMT-Metro) costing € 1.20 valid for 120 minutes.


Move on Urban Transports

You can get around the city using the AMT’s service. From the main terminals (Central Station, Piazza Cavour, Piazza Borsellino, piazza della Repubblica and Piazzale Sanzio) you can reach the different points of interest in the city.


  • Authorised retailers
  • Parking meters

Single ticket: € 1,00 valid for 90 minutes
Daily ticket: € 2,50
AMT/Subway integrated ticket: € 1,20 valid for 120 minutes

Call 800 018696 / 095 7519111 or visit the website.


Take advantage of the railway pass-through

A metropolitan infrastructure and currently has four stations:

  • Cannizzaro
  • Catania Ognina
  • Catania Europa
  • Catania Centrale

The Passante -Metropolitana exchange takes place at the central station via the Giovanni XXIII station.


Use Taxi

If you prefer not to use public transports. You will find the taxis stops at Catania’s airport and in the city Centre: from piazza Duomo to Corso Italia, to Catania’s seaside.


Charges applied in the municipality of Catania:
€ 3,00
€ 1,00 – for every additional kilometre
€ 5,00 – minimum ride
€ 18,00 – for every hour stopover

Additional charges
€ 4,00 – overnight and holidays (from 22.00 to 7.00)
€ 3,00 – overnight service
€ 2,00 – fixed charge on Sundays and holidays
€ 1,00 – for every luggage
€ 3,00 – for suburbs (S.G. Galermo, MontePo’, Villaggio Sant’Agata, San Giorgio, Pigno, Librino, Nesima Superiore)
€ 6,00 – Airport and Industrial area


For more informations and for booking your taxis you can call the telephone number +39 095 330966 or +39 095 8833