Etna Regional Park

Naturalistic and protected areas

The Etna Regional Park extends for 59,000 hectares in a unique natural environment: the extraordinary landscape which surrounds the highest active volcano in Europe is set to become a World Heritage Site in June 2013.

Put on your trekking shoes and gets ready for an unforgettable experience.

Via del Convento, 45
95030 - Nicolosi (CT)
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Bellini’s garden

City parks

The Bellini’s Garden is better known as Bellini’s Villa, it belonged to the Biscari’s family, who gave it to citizenship in 1854. It’s in the heart of Catania and you can come in from several sides, but the main entrance is located along the famous via Etnea.

Villa Bellini is the ideal place where to take a relaxing walk with your family.

Via Etnea, 360
95129 - Catania (CT)

    Pacini Garden

    City parks

    In the heart of the historic center of Catania, under the famous arches of the Navy, there is the Pacini garden. It is one of the two oldest gardens in the city, it was built at the end of 1800 and was incorporated by the railway viaduct in the thirties.

    Via Cardinale Dusmet
    Catania (CT)

      Lachea Island

      Naturalistic and protected areas

      It’s the island that make up the archipelago of the Cyclops with other seven big rocks off Aci Trezza Sea. Its origin, caused by intense volcanic activity of Mount Etna, is dated back about 500.000 years ago. In the 19th century it has been declared Natural reserve.

      Via Lachea
      95021 - Aci Castello (CT)
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        Santa Maria La Scala


        Santa Maria La Scala is a fishing village not far from Acireale, it is reached walking on the old road called by Acireale people "le Chiazzette". The small town of Santa Maria La Scala is built around the harbor called "Scalo Grande".

        Stone beach and clean sea; it is the ideal spot where to spend a great day outdoor.

        Via Scalo Grande
        95024 - Acireale (CT)

          Botanical garden

          Botanical gardens

          In the center of the city, via Etnea 397, there’s the Botanical Gardens, historic garden of the city, is now the destination of many visitors who can enjoy, in every month of the year, valuable botanical collections such as Palms, Succulents and Wild plants in Sicily.

          Via Etnea, 397
          95128 - Catania (CT)
          095 6139910

          Park of Monte Ceraulo

          City parks

          In Mascalucia you can find a wonderful example of typical Mediterranean vegetation. The Park of Monte Ceraulo born from the overlapping of lava flows. Its flora witnesses the richness and variety of the magnificent Etna’ wood.

          Thaks to the playground for children and the pic-nic area, it is the perfect place for families.

          Strada Provinciale 10 var
          95030 - Mascalucia (CT)

            Villa Belvedere

            City parks

            The public garden of Acireale, also called Villa Belvedere, is at the end of the Corso Umberto, the main street that links the Villa to the Cathedral of Acireale. From its balcony it is possible to admire a beautiful view of Taormina, Etna and the Timpa.

            Not to be missed every cultural and musical event.

            Piazza Indirizzo, 2
            95024 - Acireale (CT)

              Village of Santa Caterina

              Beaches, Culture, Tipical places

              The village of Santa Caterina, formerly known as "Cavallari", is made up of narrow streets decorated with flowers and citrus trees. The village is located on one of the highest lava ridges of Timpa; an impressive view enriched by the precipice on the sea.

              Nature lover? Walk the lava stone path and reach the beach Acqua del Ferro. You should do this.

              Via Santa Caterina
              95024 - Acireale (CT)

                La Timpa Natural Reserve

                Naturalistic and protected areas

                "La Timpa" natural reserve is characterized by the presence of lava ridges that have stratified over the centuries. The reserve can be reached from SS114 state highway, through the tortuous "Chiazzette" trail that heads down to Santa Maria La Scala.

                Viale Alcide de Gasperi
                95024 - Acireale (CT)
                095 447084
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