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Here you can find what you have to know about Catania, summarised in 5 minutes.

729 b.C.

It was founded by the Greeks with the name of Katané.

122 b.C.

The first historically documented Etna eruption that severaly damaged the city.

263 b.C.

During the first Punic War, the Romans conquered the city.

440 a.C.

Came the Vandals! The barbarians determinated the end of Roman empire.

555 a.C.

It came the Byzantine rule. The city became more refined and increases its economic prestige.

875 a.C.

The City was conquered by the Arabs, who come from Tunisia.


The Normans conquered the city and the Arab domination is ended: Catania experienced a period of cultural and economic wealth.


A damage earthquake razed the city: more than 15.000 citizens died.


The motions known as Sicilian Vespers ended the domination by French dynasty.


Catania is declared free. With the statutes of the city, Sicily became part of Habsburgs’ territory;


A tremendous earthquake razed the entire city.


The Century of the big recostruction: the new urban plan makes Catania a Baroque city.


Giuseppe Garibaldi landed in Sicily and the island was annexed to the Kingdom of Italy.


Starting the tramway service.


It was inaugurated Catania Airport.


Is published the first edition of the CityMap.


The Catania astronaut Luca Palermitano flew throught the space on board the International Space Station;