Customs and practices of #local people.

We are devoted to Saint Agatha, the city protector, and Calcio Catania.

We start the day with breakfast at the bar, a natter, reading the newspaper quickly and eating “raviola” with ricotta (or a “panzerotto” with custard).

We can’t forbear to “light snacks”: from hot “mafalda” with mortadella to street food like arancino, cartocciata or cipollina. We are spoilt for choice.

Sunday lunch is very important: the entire family meets together around the dinner table and not leaving it if an entire tray of cannoli and assorted pastries are gorged.

When the sun shines, also in winter time, we need a coffee or a a walk in Aci Trezza – including gelato – on the waterfront.

“Horse” means “meatball” for us. Horsemeat is one of the specialties in the restaurant called “putie”.
It is reccomend a stop at the “chiosco” in the city to digest it: the solution is a “seltz, limone e sale”!

Often we communicate gesticulating with tourists: we are friendly, funny and hospitable!

We love stay up late in the pubs of the old town, drinking a glass of Etna Wine and listening to live performance of some musical bands. Before going back home, we eat a warm croissant!

When we need a break, we shelter in San Giovanni Li Cuti, a small borought in the city but away from the chaos: looking the sea and breathing of fresh air and a sunbathe.

We are used to complain about Catania, but we just need look Etna, the calm sea and the baroque facades, to forgive every – or most – little pains in of this City.