Max Gazzè in Taormina

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Max Gazzè in Taormina
Teatro Antico Taormina / Via Teatro Greco - 98039 - Taormina
On 25 August 2018
0942 23220
09,30 p.m.
Numbered Tribune € 57,50
Numbered Cavea € 46,00
Not numbered Cavea € 34,50

The “Alchemaya” Tour of max Gazzè on August 25th at the Teatro Antico of Taormina.


The appointment with the concert of Max Gazzè at the Ancient Theater of Taormina is scheduled for August 25th, 2018. “Alchemaya“, the new double album of the singer, can be called a small symphonic opera, born from the fusion of the eternal orchestral music and the most modern synthesizer electronics.

To present him the eclectic singer has chosen the most fascinating outdoor locations in Italy, and for his live project will be accompanied by a large orchestra.

Driven by the success of the single “La leggenda di Cristalda e Pizzomunno“, presented at the Sanremo Festival where it won the Bigazzi Award for Best Composition, the concert will see the artist performing in an enthralling show where his most beloved songs will relive.

You can consult the event on Facebook.